Malaysian Riled Up with Urbanscapes Last Minute Performances Scheduling

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Due to some artist scheduling and personal issues, some of the big headliners of Urbanscapes has now unable to perform as promised. People who bought the tickets were mostly frustrated because they won’t be seeing their favourite artist and every dreams possible now shattered. However, Urbanscapes has been a yearly experienced events and awaited arts and festival which understandably how people might be disappointed but the efforts of the team to plan and make this happened shouldn’t be thrown away as we must appreciate the how hardworking they have and they can’t solely take the blame. It’s just another rough patch for any events organiser and this should help us all for any future events expectations.

The cancelled artist are
Boy Azooga
Cuco (earlier cancellation)

” As you might be aware, there have been some unfortunate developments within the region’s festival circuit. The impact has trickled to our Unlimited Grooves Festival Closing Party happening this Sunday, 24th of November 2019. Colde and Boy Azooga will not be making an appearance, however, we assure you that we are working hard on replacement acts. Please stay tuned for updates.” -Urbanscapes