Umur atau Nyawa?

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Bagi aku, umur tu konsep.

Kita sebagai manusia takkan lari dengan cuba nak create satu benda yang kita nak percaya and salah satu benda tu adalah umur. Dengan adanya angka ni, kita rasa kita boleh measure semua benda. Orang kata lagi berumur, lagi berpengalaman. Dah tua dah nak mati. Muda lagi nak kahwin. Lamanya belajar.

Dengan adanya angka ni kita boleh judge orang. Itulah fungsi sebenar umur yang kita guna secara tak sedar tapi hakikat. Bagi aku dia masih konsep dan aku tak follow benda ni.

Aku guna konsep nyawa. Dan dia lebih dari konsep.

Sebab apa?
Sebab bila umur dah makin tua aku tak percaya nyawa kita makin pendek.
Nyawa tulah measurement sebenar dan kita tak tahu nyawa semua orang. Nyawa ni tak berangka tapi itulah ukuran sebenar.

Ada waktu kecil dah meninggal, yang tua hidup lagi masih. Ada yang berjaya waktu muda, baru masuk belajar bila dah tua, kecik2 dah bekerja. Nyawa ni main dengan masa. Macam umur juga tapi dia lebih tepat.sebab takpayah kira tapi dia dah tetap. Masa tak akan salah dia tak pernah buat silap.

Persoalan dia sekarang, kau masih nak tanya :-
“ umur kau berapa?”atau “layak lagi aku bernyawa?”


Age is a concept for me.

We as humans will not escape by trying to create things or item that we want to believe and one of those things is Age. With this figure, we think we can measure almost everything. People say you’re more experienced when you’re older. You’re old and about to die. Young man wants to get married. What took you so long to finish your studies.

With this number we can easily define people. That is the real function of the age that we use unintentionally but essentially. For me it’s still a concept and it’s not something i should follow down my path.

I believe in the concept of lifespan. And it is more than just a concept.

Because when I grow older, I do not believe our lives are shorter.
Lifespan is a real measure of plague and we do not know everyone’s life. Life is unmanageable but that’s the exact amount you have.

Some passed away earlier than we thought, the old one gets to lives. People succeed when the are young while old people just have a chance to get into studies, working. Life is playing with time as it is connected. Like age, but it is more precise. It doesnt have measurement, but it’s still and it’s correct. Time has never made a mistake.

The question now is, do you still want to ask: –
“How old are you?” Or “IHow long i get live?”